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Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) Batteries

For benefiting a comprehensive backup solution, SolarEdge Critical Power offers complementary products required to achieve a safe power storage system with minimal maintenance.
The most common battery type, as a backup power for UPS, found in modern UPS systems is the Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid battery. As the "valve regulated" is thanks to a valve which ventilates the sealed enclosure, where the battery sits inside, releasing gas if internal pressure gets too high.
VRLA battery is an electrical rechargeable battery based on a chemical reaction of lead plates in aqueous solution of sulphuric acid. It is also called sealed lead-acid or maintenance free battery and is. VRLA batteries are best stored in a dry, climate controlled room at a temperature of 20-25ºC.

Power backup solution is comprised with two main components:

  1. VRLA battery as the DC power system
  2. Battery cabinet for storing batteries


VRLA Batteries Image

SolarEdge Critical Power provides a variety of battery solutions, from integrated batteries for the B60US-IB to complementary external battery cabinets for the B120US and B240US products to support your backup time requirements.

Key Benefits:

  • Designed to hold standard VRLA batteries from various vendors
  • Breaker and dual fuse on neutral wires
  • Breaker accessories: 24VDC shunt trip & dual auxiliary contacts


VRLA Batteries Image