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  • We strive to deliver the best total customer experience, assuring that we are a vendor of choice. Our services are delivered, via Authorized Service Providers and directly:
    • Via service agreements to the entire active install base
    • In efficient & effective way, allowing mutual growth
  • Our accountable and engaged teams drive our service organization to world class level
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UPS maintenance contracts


Maintenance of your back-up energy supply is vital. Whether you currently own a UPS or diesel-powered generator, you need it functioning at all times so that you and your business can keep running. Take a look at what we can do to assist the maintenance procedures you already carry out internally to keep your power supply in good working order at all times.

UPS Maintenance Contracts

Our aim is to ensure that your UPS system is working continuously, providing the essential link between a power failure and a generator back-up supply. Therefore, we provide UPS maintenance contracts that ensure our clients systems are in good working order at all times.
A UPS or Uninterruptible Power Supply is designed to bridge the gap allowing time for an electrical system to shut down and time for a generator to take the load or mains electricity to return – helping to stem any damage done or loss of data.
Depending on an installation, a standby generator may take between 20-60 seconds to take your building load. Therefore, a UPS system is vital to keep operations running safely and efficiently.

Our UPS maintenance contracts include as standard:

  • Battery checks
  • Function checks on the complete system
  • UPS maintenance and repair quotations
  • Fault finding
  • Emergency call out

To find out more about how we can help with your UPS maintenance, get in touch with our experienced team today.
Call +44 (0) 1480 479889 or email

Emergency Response

We understand that no one can afford to have a UPS malfunction.
You need a UPS system working 24/7 so that your applications, be it your data center equipment or back office allow your business to function.
Therefore, we have set up an emergency telephone line staffed by experienced professionals.
One call to our team (0800 169 4889) and we will help put your UPS system back on line.
Available nationwide, our trained engineers supported by a centrally based modern workshop facility, means we can help you with your UPS emergency – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Our team is skilled and experienced in UPS repairs with the necessary expertise to work towards a solution for your UPS system.
With supply agreements secured with a wide range of UPS manufacturers, our clients can be confident of receiving a tailored package that will fit both their technical specifications and their budget.

For more information, or to log an emergency call with our expert team, get in touch with us today.
Call +44 (0) 1480 479889 or email

Battery Maintenance / Replacement

Batteries are at the center of your UPS installation and need to be operating at full strength at all times. This is why our regular battery inspections are vital to maintain maximum uptime and protect your site systems from failure. The quoted service life of a battery is limited, typically 5 years or 10 years design life. After some years of operation, your batteries will need to be changed, however, this also depends on many outside factors including their age, environment, usage and regular maintenance.
A single faulty or damaged battery cell in a string of batteries could place your whole UPS system at risk. The most frequent cause of unplanned outages is the premature end of life of a few battery blocks. IEEE standards recommend replacing a battery when its capacity is inferior to 80%.

SolarEdge Critical Power UK Ltd Battery Maintenance services include preventive maintenance visits and testing for batteries where we are looking to:

  • Minimize business risks
  • Prevent failures before they occur
  • Ensure proper handling and disposal of used batteries
  • Replenish battery cabling where required
  • Carry out professional battery changes
  • Use like for like or compatible high-quality batteries

Our scheduled visits can also be tailored to suit individual site requirements, which can include:

  • Scheduled discharge testing and battery assessments
  • Environmental checks & recommendations, including operating temperature measurement
  • Internal cell impedance testing to allow us to advise of your current battery status
  • Load bank testing (optional)
  • Battery replacement & licensed disposal

Maintenance is the single largest difference between normal battery design life and premature failure. Our battery maintenance visits are carried out by our trained engineers and are designed to ensure continued optimal battery performance. With regular preventive maintenance visits, SolarEdge can provide recommendations for the optimal replacement schedule based on data collected, presenting you with a realistic estimated battery life for your unit in relation to the manufacturers stated design life.

For more information on our Battery maintenance or replacement services, get in touch with us today.
Call +44 (0) 1480 479889 or email

UPS Spares & Repair

Here at SolarEdge Critical Power UK Ltd, we understand that having stocks of UPS spares and vital parts is very important to keep a system up and running. That is why we keep a comprehensive line of SolarEdge spare parts for most UPS systems.
With supply agreements in place with most of the major UPS manufacturers and ancillary component suppliers, we can access just about all the spare parts needed for regular maintenance and servicing – and have it dispatched to you quickly.
For more information on our spare parts for UPS systems, get in touch with us today.

Fault Analysis 

UPS systems can be complex and sometimes experts are needed to discover the reasons for failure and diagnose potential breakdowns. Our in-house team can help find potential problems by completing a UPS fault analysis.
Our UPS technicians will check to ensure your system is ready to provide constant and continual power and that a correct fault analysis is available at all times.
For more information on our fault-finding services, and how you can ensure your UPS fault analysis is correct, get in touch with our team today.
Call +44 (0) 1480 479889 or email

Remote Monitoring

Remotely monitoring the operation of a SolarEdge UPS power system can help to reduce downtime and inefficient operation. Using the very latest telemetry systems, SolarEdge Critical Power UK can remotely monitor the operation of a UPS while operating in an unmanned location.
Engineers will be alerted to a failure or potential issue relating to the functions of the UPS via an online operation. This means that a field-based service engineer can be dispatched to the site and ensure that the UPS is back up and running with the minimum of inconvenience.

Using our remote monitoring service, we can help to ensure that:

  • The UPS is available
  • The UPS will only be out of action of the absolute minimum of time
  • On-site visits are only reserved for emergencies or routine servicing
  • Real-time information on the function and operation of the unit is available

To find out more about our remote monitoring, get in touch with us today.
Call +44 (0) 1480 479889 or email


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