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Online UPS with Double Conversion

As our modern life becomes more data-driven the demand for resilient secure data is dramatically increased. Protecting critical equipment, in cases when the grid goes down, is a highly essential part of our life and can be easily achieved with true online UPS systems.

Online UPS systems supply power to electrical and electronic devices from batteries all the time. The UPS first converts grid power to charge the batteries and then discharges the batteries to power the load. As the battery power is supplied to the load at all times, it is known as Online UPS. The grid power is converted from (Alternating Current) AC to DC (Direct Current) to charge the battery and the battery power is converted from DC to AC to power the load. 
Therefore, online UPS is also known as Double Conversion UPS.

In the online UPS there are no extra electronic components between the battery and UPS, so no additional conversions between battery and UPS. This creates a strong direct galvanic connection between battery and rectifier’s output and inverter’s input, which result in:

  • Zero switching time from AC mains to battery
  • Improving reliability and roundtrip efficiency
  • Consistent, regulated and stable AC output waveform

As Online UPS always provides power from the battery, the load always gets clean power regardless of any power problems. Therefore, Online UPS is recommended for sensitive and critical equipment. Online UPS provides a layer of insulation or electric firewall. Any change in the input voltage or frequency does not affect the output voltage and frequency. This is a Voltage and Frequency Independent (VFI) topology.

Online double conversion provides maximum availability and ultimate reliability.


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