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Parallel kit for B300 UPS system

Running two or more UPS units in parallel, by configuring a parallel UPS system, provides a greater power capacity or ensures a resilient system by adding redundancy.

SolarEdge offers a parallel option kit, which contains a communication cable (one per unit), enabling a quick and easy parallel deployment for your critical loads.

A parallel UPS configuration is achieved by connecting the communication cables in a ring arrangement. Parallel communication keeps the all the connected UPS synchronized with each other and controlling is achieved by utilizing a Master/Slave setting. One UPS acts as a master, as its controller determines the operation behaviour, while the other UPS follows accordingly. 

A parallel UPS configuration can be connected to a common battery backup (common DC) or to a decentralized DC (each individual UPS unit is connected to its respective battery cabinet).
A designated parallel configuration kit supports its respective product.


Key Benefits:

  • Greater power capacity
  • Resilient UPS system
  • Load is shared between all the units
  • If a UPS is manually shut down (system off), the other units will continue working


Parallel Kit Image