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Uninterruptable Power Supply - UPS Systems

Modular UPS Systems Architecture

SolarEdge modular UPS systems are scalable and allow flexible built-in and parallel redundancy schemes (N+1, N+N, 2N, 2[N+1]) to best fit our customers’ changing power needs. The modules are hot swappable and lightweight enabling easy replacement by a single technician for a minimum time to repair (MTTR). Our UPS systems are designed with a high-power density, freeing up precious floor space for your servers and applications.

Online Double Conversion

With their online double conversion technology SolarEdge UPS systems offer zero switching time. The batteries are galvanically attached to the UPS (no DC/DC conversion – true online) for better power efficiency and higher reliability.

Our UPS systems include informative and easy to use user interface as well as include unique features such as an internal oscilloscope for self-diagnostics, and a self-loading mode which eliminates the need for external load banks during commissioning.

B300 UPS
Modular, Three Phase
30kVA – 1.2MVA

The B300 three phase modular UPS offers true online battery double-conversion VFI topology and SolarEdge's modular architecture.

Centric UPS
Modular, Three Phase
25kVA – 200kVA

Incorporating the most advanced technologies on the market to date, the Centric family is available in three configurations, a 50kVA/kW base, a 100kVA/kW base and a 200kVA/kW base covering capacities from 25kVA up to 1000kVA.

Power+ SA UPS
Three Phase
10kVA and 15kVA

Power+ SA is a true online battery UPS system with a double conversion VFI topology and a unique lightweight, compact design and high efficiency ratings. This UPS system ensures reliable backup power under any condition.

L Family
Three Phase UPS, 20-40kVA

The L-Family is an online low power UPS series with a double conversion topology and a lightweight, compact design.