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G5 Power System Monitoring and Control

G5 combines power system monitoring and control capabilities.

G5 includes a built-in, password-protected web interface, accessible locally or remotely through any web browser. The end-user will be informed of alarm conditions through email and SMS, as well as by monitoring the web interface. The interface is simple and intuitive, making the configuration of G5 straightforward.

The G5 provides remote monitoring for all SolarEdge UPS products. This fully featured power system communication device is designed to give the user total monitoring and control and other voltage and current measurements, and even includes environmental sensing.

The system incorporates a password-protected web interface, making data accessible locally or remotely through any web browser. Automatic reports can be configured to alert the necessary personnel of system status changes through email or SMS.

G5 Power System Image

Key Benefits:

  • Automatically generated email or SMS alerts to up to 20 pre-selected recipients
  • Environmental sensors monitor temperature and humidity of surrounding environment
  • Remote monitoring for all SolarEdge UPS systems using RS232 communications protocol
  • Advanced event configuration for managing alert notifications
  • Password-protected
  • Web interface
  • Alarm notifications: E-mail, SMS, web browser
  • Ease of use and intuitive setup
  • Communication protocol:
    • Input voltage-free contacts, tracking external sensors and devices
    • Output voltage-free contacts opening and closing external circuits
    • Voltage and current measurements
G5 Power System Image