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In the healthcare sector, vital power supplies for hospitals and medical centers is a matter of life & death. These medical establishments solely rely on their medical equipment and IT infrastructure. By adding UPS systems alongside existing emergency equipment, healthcare facility managers ensure 24/7 stable power availability for the lifesaving equipment.

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Powering the Modern Digital Healthcare

Innovative technologies reinvent healthcare, transforming and digitizing hospitals, enabling mobile medical services, increasing efficiency and improving healing rates. Global networks establishing seamless interconnection among large medical centers and regional clinics, streamline the medical data sharing and enabling remote operations, based on real time data. Integrating and deploying such improved IT solutions at every hospital and healthcare facility is a key factor in life saving worldwide.

The move from manual patient records to digital has made it essential for staff to have instant, consistent access to the hospital’s IT system. This technology requires critical power for backups and archiving, as well as the data center supporting the records system. In modern healthcare, the need for power continuity within any healthcare facility is for powering critical medical systems (MRI, imagining, operating rooms, intensive care units, life supporting machines, etc.) and critical IT systems.

Powering the Modern Digital Healthcare

Online UPS for Healthcare facilities

An online UPS is capable of handling all equipment and IT needs of a modern hospital. It completely isolates the loads from the grid ensuring that the loads will receive an accurate AC voltage, under all conditions. Many facilities are equipped with generators for back up. By adding an online UPS with the right set of batteries, allows continues “clean” AC power while the backup generator kicks-in.
Moreover, SolarEdge UPS systems combine online batteries and modular architecture. The modular architecture and the lightweight power modules allow built-in redundancy and the simple swap of any failed module during operation, ensuring high service availability, minimum time to repair (MTTR) and overall low total cost of ownership (TCO). Additionally, SolarEdge UPS systems have small footprints, allowing installations in small spaces.

More electrical challenges to consider:
Diagnostic equipment like MRI, CT, etc. are mainly activated by motors, activation of motors is a standard procedure in the treatment and requires an additional amount of energy which can be up to three times the nominal need of the machine. With a modular UPS, this is easily addressed by installing an additional power module to handle the expected high inrush current. This will further improve the build-in redundancy.    

SolarEdge modular UPS are ideal for:

  • Critical Medical devices 
  • Diagnostic and imaging systems (MRI and CT scanners)
  • Healthcare IT equipment
  • Laboratory equipment and clinical lab tools
  • Vital Accident & Emergency equipment (A&E equipment), 
  • Dialysis systems
  • Nurse call station
  • Non life-support patient vicinity systems
  • Clinical applications and networking devices
  • Office equipment
Online UPS for Healthcare facilities