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Government and Defense

Government and Defense Banner
Government and Defense Banner

Government agencies such as utilities, security and defence forces are always at the forefront of IT infrastructure when it comes to the highest levels of service availability.
As technology implementation of big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence (AI) materialize, governments further increase their need for critical power solutions to ensure continuity of operations of their IT and critical infrastructures.

With their special requirements, public agencies and governments are at the forefront of using modular UPS systems. The modular UPS systems enable the highest levels of reliability and availability, minimum time to repair (MTTR), flexible redundancy schemes and power growth options, excellent fit in to small spaces, ease of serviceability.

SolarEdge advanced modular UPS systems offer the best of breed technology that you can trust.  When it comes to highly sensitive sites for the security and defence forces our modular UPS solutions offers optimal power protection for critical infrastructures – reliable, simple and easy to use.

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