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The digital transformation has reinvented the way educational facilities operate in our modern society. All over the world, from elementary schools, high schools, colleges, universities, higher education institutions and academic research centers, sharing knowledge has become very common and accessible to all from anywhere.
In science departments, experiments can last several months and require a continuous power source while storing a huge amount of data and records. Any power outage can result in losing precious time and money which impacts scientific decisions and delays life improvement processes.

Other research laboratories, run long term clinical experiments and must keep their test samples in a precise controlled environment with constant regulated temperatures. Benefit from these tests outcomes, directly impact and improve our society's health and the way we live. However, these clinical experiments require a stable, constant and regulated power in the entire facility for flawless operation regardless of utility power fluctuations or outages.

Remote learning, massive information consumption and network computations have become major drivers of today's global digital revolution creating extensive demand for energy commanding solid power infrastructure that can sustain and scale these ever-increasing power needs.

Solid and secure critical infrastructure is fundamental for today's modern civilization. Academic institutions are wholly dependent on constant perfect power to protect their data centers and to provide their educational services 24/7 day in and day out. 

This sector has critical data which relies on robust and resilient power protection for managing multi processes starting from admissions, tuition, research budgets, examinations and diploma certification. Any instant power loss may carry significant detrimental impacts.

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Our modular UPS enables educational facilities to run their business in a safe and sound environment by helping them protect their data and to easily adjust power to current and future needs.

Maximum availability

  • High uptime with a modular architecture and power redundancy within the UPS rack
  • Critical equipment is always protected during servicing thanks to hot swappable power modules
  • Short mean time to repair (MTTR) and common spare parts

Superior reliability 

  • High reliability requires minimum maintenance 
  • Easy to use and intuitive monitoring and control from anywhere
  • High quality product manufactured in automatic and repetitive processes

Smart energy

  • Easy to control budget and scale as needed
  • Modular UPS architecture allows flexible adjustment of UPS power to load needs  
  • Small footprint to save precious space

Our modular UPS are ideal for:

  • Laboratory equipment and lab tools
  • IT equipment
  • Data centers
  • Network computing
  • Large scale computers and servers
  • Office equipment
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