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Edge Computing

Edge Computing / edge data centers is a trend gaining momentum in the recent few years. Increasing demand for the amount of data an application consumes, combined with an ever-growing requirement to shorten delivery latency of the data for more and more use cases - generates the clear need for bringing computing power closer to the end user at the edge of the network. An edge deployment comes in variety of sizes. It is an “Edge” deployment based on its proximity to the end-users or the source of the data to be processed. It is due to its close location that the major strength of edge computing is realized, being its ability to support applications that demand a significant amount of bandwidth, requires rapid response times, low latency or a combination of all.

Edge computing is expected to continue and co-exist with the other major trend of the big / hyper scale cloud data centers running in more central locations and leading in efficiency and computing power.

Edge Data Center Market size was over USD 4.5 billion, globally in 2018 and is estimated to grow at 20.5% CAGR between 2019 and 2025, thanks to the potential for these smaller, locally located data centers to reduce latency, overcome intermittent connections and store and compute data close to the end user. The edge data center UPS market will witness growth of over 10% CAGR over the forecast timespan owing to the increasing demand for battery backup in data centers.

Many companies have announced their products and services for this emerging field. The leading drives for this trend are, among others, the introduction of the 5G mobile networks, IoT proliferation, and the ever-growing traffic of streaming video as well as the introduction of AR / VR applications.

Typically, the power requirements for the data center at the edge are obviously (much) lower than for the large / hyper scale facilities. Such a facility might range from small computing unit next to a 5G antenna to a room with typically not more than a few hundred kW.

Our modular UPS can be easily configured for the required power, and can be upgraded later by adding additional modules to supply increased power in the future.


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