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1UDC+ Power System

The 1UDC+ power system provides controlled and regulated DC power to sensitive equipment while simultaneously charging a battery bank. The system also supplies backup power during mains failure. Max system capacity is 2500A. 

The 1UDC+ contains a 19’’ 1U subrack that houses up to 3 hot-plugged rectifiers, or 2 rectifiers + controller and an ELVD device.
Max system capacity: up to 13 subracks (38 rectifiers + controller), up to 2500A (48 Vdc). 

Basic shelves:

1UDC+ type 1- includes a 19’’ 1U subrack with up to 3 rectifiers.
1UDC+ type 2- includes a 19’’ 3U with up to 2 rectifiers + SC 1UDC+ controller and an Electronic LVD


1UDC+ Power System Image

Key Benefits:

  • 96 % efficiency 
  • Each 1U shelf 48V/100A @ 33A modules (200 A @ 66 A modules)
  • Digitally controlled intelligent power module
  • One to three hotswap rectifiers per shelf
  • Active current sharing among rectifiers
  • Universal input voltage
  • Built-in dual 70 A Electronic Low Voltage Disconnect device (ELVD) for battery protection 
  • Option to connect two external LVD contactors of up to 1600A
  • Advanced battery management 
  • Up to two battery sets handled in one system 
  • Automatic and preprogrammed battery test (for each battery string) 
  • Remote notification of system alarms (optional) 
  • Breaking alert by modem (optional) 
  • All functions accessible directly from the controller


1UDC+ Power System Image