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PSM⁺ Power System Management Software

PSM+ is a Windows application providing continuous real-time data of all the network's power equipment. The PSM+ monitors of several UPS units in multiple sites locally or remotely and performs an organized shutdown of predefined servers in case of an extended mains failure.

PSM⁺ Power System Image

Key Benefits:

  • Simplified and straightforward user interface including tree and map views
  • Automatic shutdown of Windows servers over Ethernet via RPC control
  • Automatic shutdown of UNIX and Linux servers over Ethernet using SSH protocol
  • Bulk shutdown of VMware virtual servers and hosts
  • Flexibility when defining conditions for automatic server shutdown
  • Immediate alarm notification locally via pop-up message and remotely via email
  • Notifications are filterable by event severity
  • On-demand simulation of critical events enables you to test the reaction of PSM+ and your servers
  • Protected interface introduces three levels of security
  • Data logging for analysis of UPS static and dynamic parameters
  • Network-connected devices are monitored over SNMPv2 or SNMPv3, using industry-standard RFC1628 protocol
  • Locally-connected UPS are monitored over an RS232 serial connection
  • The event log holds a record of the 500 most recent power system events for each monitored device
  • Comprehensive on-demand data logging helps reveal issues on site or in the device operation
  • PSM+ supports the following:
    • VMware up to SW version 6.5
    • SNMP3

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PSM⁺ Power System Image