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The increasing demand for low cost goods and the improvement in industrial automation are, in many cases, translated to expensive production lines that are very sensitive to power quality. Power fluctuations, and power breaks can damage machinery and stop processes that may take days to restart, resulting with millions of USD losses. With this, the use of UPS for industrial applications and manufacturing is rising, about 3% CAGR, from $1.8B in 2018 to $2.1B in 2023 (IHS, UPS hardware market tracker, Oct 2019).


Addressing Your Needs

We in the Critical Power division of SolarEdge are been dealing with UPS systems for over fifty years and have been working on a regular basis with clients in food production, heavy and light industries, logistics, distribution centers and more. Large and small companies, all over the world, rely on our products and expertise to maintain critical machines  and keep them running at all times.

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The importance of Modular UPS to Industrial Applications and Manufacturing

The adoption of modular UPS topology for industrial applications is primarily driven by its reduced mean-time-to-repair (MTTR), relative to monolithic UPS systems. The ability to have a spare module on site to replace a failed module without a service technician, is viewed as a significant driver for modular UPS in industrial applications, especially in remote sites. Moreover, additional needs such as small space, internal redundancy, power scalability and high safety are well aligned with modular UPS architecture, which further pushes for the adoption of modular UPS systems in these sectors. Still, Modularity is not the only need. Vendors of UPS for industrial and manufacturing need further to take in to account the unique needs of machines and production lines (motors, robotics, lifts) such as high in rush currents, low power factor, and a very stable clean power (e.g., required by precision milling machines) that can be addressed using true online double conversion UPS systems.

The importance of Modular UPS