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Batteries - Energy Storage Solutions

The Right UPS Battery for Your Business

SolarEdge offers a range of energy storage solutions for our UPS systems, based on different chemistries: VRLA and Lithium-Ion.
Each battery type has its own advantages and ought to be selected according to the project requirements and physical constraints.


Ideal Battery Backup Power Supply with SolarEdge Critical Power

Every battery solution in the SolarEdge Critical Power portfolio has been extensively tested and every battery supplier has been carefully evaluated, further ensuring high quality & reliability.
Our backup storage professionals can help you determine which battery will provide the best TCO, based on the backup time and load requirements at your facilities.

Identifying the right battery type for your UPS is essential to ensuring continuous clean power flow to your critical load; Thus, being aware to the relatively advantages of each solution is so important:


VRLA Batteries


VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid)

  • Well perceived as being a mature technology solution
  • High availability
  • Most economic, lucrative for long backup times
  • Available in different sizes, capacities and number of charging cycles

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Li-Ion Batteries


Lithium-Ion (Li-ion)

  • Small footprint and low weight
  • High power density (kWh/m²)
  • Wide temperature range of 18°C-28°C
  • Can handle thousands of charge and discharge cycles (some models)
  • No hydrogen generation
  • Integrated rack, module and cell monitoring: voltage, current and temperature

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